2016-07-01 12.12.12 HDR
Students in Principles of Sociology (Soc 202) analyze children’s books for themes of socialization.

Teaching sociology, for me, is a powerful avenue in which you have the opportunity to shape students’ perceptions about how the world really works. Teaching is a craft and a very important aspect of an academic position, as you have the potential to greatly impact one’s life by engaging with students one-on-one and exposing them to a deeper understanding of society.

Assistant Professor

Radford University (2017-Present)

Environmental Sociology (SOCY 370)

Appalachian Cultures (SOCY 411)

Introduction to Sociology (SOCY 110)


North Carolina State University (2013-Present)

Principles of Sociology (Soc 202)

Social Problems (online and face-to-face) (Soc 203)

Technology in Society and Culture (online and face-to-face) (Ant/Soc 261)

Teaching Assistant

North Carolina State University (2010-2013)

Internship in Applied Sociology (Soc 492)

Sociology of Medicine (Soc 381)

Theories of Social Structures (Soc 400)

Racial and Ethnic Relations (Soc 305)

Sociology of Family (Soc 204)